The Chuckwagon

Avery's Convenience Grocery

Monday - Friday: 4:45am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 6:30am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Avery's unique convenience store offers a wide range of specialties; including great freshly brewed Trescerra coffee and cappuccinos, and our tasty breakfast burritos along with Cloverhill doughnuts and pastries, cereals and sandwiches, if you're on the go. Avery's also carries a complement of refreshing drinks and everyday food supplies, along with essential travel items, toiletries and key automotive supplies.

Tons of Snacks!

Refresh and Refuel

A clean, convenient, friendly place to refresh and refuel,
on your way home, or if just visiting the area.

Tons of Snacks!

Avery's fuel station

Easy access for big-rigs, including 18-wheelers, and small-rigs alike.

Gas at Avery's

Avery's Propane Filling Service

Our propane tank is located upfront with lots of room to maneuver vehicles of all sizes. We're happy to refill previously certified bottles and RV tanks.

Avery's Propane Center


If you happen to be stopping by the Avery's Convenience Store after 11:00 am, and notice the smell of our slow smoked barbecue, just follow your nose! Walk through the double doors and step up to the -BQ counter to order one of our great sandwiches, or a full meal with some of our delicious sides.

Avery's -BQ Meal


Choose from our great slow smoked brisket, pork, sausage, chicken or St. Louis style ribs; Then choose one of special –BQ sauces made to enhance the slow smoked flavor even more!

Family Dinner


Once you see all there is to choose from, you may just decide to settle in for a real -BQ feast! Then, finish off your stay with a visit to Avery's Waterhole, where you can kickback and relax, while enjoying great music and friendly conversation.

Live music at the Waterhole

"The sooner you stop by the sooner you can enjoy all of what avery's has to offer"

Couple dancing to music Avery's Weekly Specials Starry Night Sky